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FRAMES by Mike Lera                  Published as Michael Lizarraga                  TALES 3

"Frames" is a short story from horror writer Mike Lera published in Rod Serling Books' anthology "Submitted For Your Approval" and Horrified Press' anthology "Tales of the Undead," under former pen name Michael Lizarraga. 

Frames (2019/IMDb) was also made into a short film, written/co-produced by Mike Lera. View the trailer in "Trailers." 

Synopsis: Former metal musician-now front desk clerk Dave Clinger is a bitter man. An angry man who, like so many other talented artists, never quite made his “mark” in life. A 31-year-old ex-guitarist/lead singer now emptying his pocket of passion into the gutter of defeat, reluctantly joining the league of the working class.

But Dave will soon discover something else amongst the rubble of self-pity and heap of regret. A sort of pathway - a hallway of reflections in the form of "infinity mirrors" leading someone (or something) straight to him; a little creature with no name, no words, and no warning to this man in need of a second chance, redemption and an alternative...  


Dave stood before the dresser mirror, and

with the square table mirror in hand, aimed

it at the larger mirror. He maneuvered the

table mirror, finding the infinite frames, the

virtual hallway, his face peeking just behind

the small mirror.

But he only saw the infinite frames - his

own infinite reflections behind

the square frames - nothing else. No

sign of her.


He first saw her in the elevator when

arriving home, the lift’s mirrored

flanking walls reflecting each other,

creating a virtual row or hallway of

squared windows with repeated images

of the room and Dave. And there, within

the sixth frame, to the left of Dave’s

back reflection, stood a small person.

Short, about three and a half feet tall.

Petite, light brown hair, fair skin. Head

and eyes slightly bowed, staring directly

at Dave. 


He smirked, keeping the table mirror

pointed at the dresser mirror, toying

with the frames within frames within

frames, playfully moving them



Suddenly, from the right side of the

fourth frame, the little girl’s face

appeared, as though stepping onto

stage from behind a

curtain.                                     Stared at Dave with her

trance-like gaze, her head and eyes

slightly bowed. Dave was aghast, blood

throbbing through his temples. He

shouted hideously, throwing the small

mirror into the dresser mirror, cracking

them both. Stepping back, the back of

his neck red hot with fear, he screamed,



                                          # # # 

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