Mike Lera


Ink  by Mike Lera

Published in "All Dark Places 2" from Dragon Soul Press
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"Some tattoos never let you forget they're there."

Check out this cool 1-minute narrated storyboarded concept video of "Ink":   

Cat  by Mike Lera 

Published in "Horror USA: California" from Soteira Press
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Synopsis: After escaping a terrorist group experimenting on domestic animals for their own agenda, a common house cat undergoes a startling metamorphosis whenever agitated, becoming the most horrific abomination ever to roam the Los Angeles streets!

Imagician  by Mike Lera (as "Michael Lizarraga")

Published in Dark and Evil from ACA Books
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Synopsis: Hansen Park. A downtown public outlet for bike riders, pot heads, skaters, vagrants, joggers, pushers and eclectic sidewalk "entertainers" whose crude talents range from dancing, rapping, juggling, and miming for money. But Hansen Park has a new occupant - a mysterious figure that only a few have seen. 

And unfortunately for Shelley Holdridge, the few who have seen this figure's face did not live long enough to warn her, and thus turning a late night job into a hellish sprint from sanity...  

Geo by Mike Lera 
(as "Michael Lizarraga")

Published in "Twisted Yarns" by Sirens Call Publications. 

Synopsis: "Unsteady Eddie," "Freak-O," Tic Tac" are just a few names given to young Edwin Morales by his peers, a boy with a moderate case of Tourette's Syndrome who often retreats into his junior high school basement during recess to avoid being bullied and harassed by schoolmates. It is here he finds refuge, solitary, peace. 

Until one particular morning, Edwin discovers that he is NOT alone in his private little refuge, and for the first time, wishes he was back upstairs with the bullies...

FRAMES by Mike Lera 

(as "Michael Lizarraga")

Published in "Submitted For Your Approval" from Rod Serling Books. 

Available on Amazon - click link: https://lnkd.in/guqT2a-Z

Synopsis: Former metal musician-now front desk clerk Dave Clinger is a bitter man. An angry man who, like so many other talented artists, never quite made his “mark” in life. A 31-year-old ex-guitarist/lead singer now emptying his pocket of passion into the gutter of defeat, reluctantly joining the league of the working class.

But Dave will soon discover something else amongst the rubble of self-pity and heap of regret. A sort of pathway - a hallway of reflections in the form of "infinity mirrors" leading someone (or something) straight to him; a little creature with no name, no words, and no warning to this man in need of a second chance, redemption and an alternative...  

Patterns by Mike Lera 

(as "Michael Lizarraga")

Published in "Bete Noire" magazine

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Bete Noire Issue #12 by A.W. Gifford | Goodreads

SynopsisMr. Louis Arroyo, 29. Occupation: Security Officer. A recovering junkie who fosters a most unusual addiction, yet suppresses it with the most unusual allies. A 'higher power,' if you will. Not the conventional constellations or mystical mists, but faces and figures he finds in the contours and constructs of plastered walls, floor tiles, ceilings, table stains or cemented sidewalks. Any place he could pattern a mouth with a pair of eyes, or a torso with a set of limbs. A wince or a wink or an occasional sound from one of these silhouetted characters; an obsession since childhood he’s always referred to as The Line People. Pals and protectors who have cradled, calmed, cared and, at times, corrected Louis throughout his life...

In a moment, Louis will find out just how real his 'higher power,' The Line People, actually are...

The Seashell  
by Mike Lera 
(as "Michael Lizarraga")

Published in "Timeless Worlds" from Schlock! Publications
Available on Goodreads:  http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/7084171.Michael_Lizarraga

Synopsis: A re-telling of the classic La Llorona tale, a woman and her stepson uncover a mysterious seashell that expels more than just "ocean sounds" - a lot more. Gloria Stanson suffers from severe mental instability and is willing to do whatever it takes to keep a past terrible deed a secret, including murder. Yet unbeknownst to her is a supernatural presence that has entered her life, capable of stopping her for good.