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 His work classified as "early Stephen King" by best selling author Bret Easton Ellis, Mike Lera (formerly known as Michael Lizarraga) is a horror/fantasy/sci-fi author, screenwriter, journalist, and an old school Gothic films/comic book/kung fu flicks junkie.

A contributing writer for Rod Serling Books and Famous Monsters of Filmland, Lera's fiction work has been published in numerous anthologies, including Twisted Yarns (The Sirens Call), Leviathan (Emby Press), Tales of the Undead (Horrified Press), Timeless Worlds (Schlock!) and The Pulpateers (Schlock!), as well as magazines Beware The Dark, The Literary Hatchet, Bete Noire, Drunk Monkeys, Blood Moon Rising and Dark Gothic Resurrected. Additionally, Lera is a long-standing writer for various martial arts publications, including Black Belt, Inside Kung Fu, Kung Fu Tai Chi and MMA Unleashed, and faith-based publications Prism, New Man and The Brink. You may see 2-minute "excerpts" of Lera's stories, complete with vivid, horrifying illustrations, at Lera's Bog Blog.

He has recently completed his first screenplay "The Shell," (IMBd/TheShell, Facebook/TheShellMovie) a short horror film adapted from his successfully published story "The Seashell," (Timeless Worlds from Schlock! Publications) currently in production and scheduled for a fall release.

He credits Rod Serling, H.P. Lovecraft, Edgar Allan Poe, Richard Matheson, George Romero and Stephen King as the sources for his weirdness.

Find out more about this Latin lunatic at www.MikeLera.com, YouTube@MikeLera, Facebook@LizarragasLair, Instagram@MikeLeraWriter, Twitter@Lizarragaslair3, and LizarragasBogBlog.BlogSpot.com



























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